Showcase for PIEX's Hall of Fame.

Welcome to the PIEX Hall Of Fame, where the biggest and best projects of the month are hosted for you to try out. Will your program be featured next month?

The best of January

Anson’s Adventure

From the stars to the seas, you will visit many wondrous places in this game (if you play your cards right).

The biggest challenge while making this game was knowing when a certain event occurs. The solution was to broadcast a message after our event was over, so that the next script can start.

Great work Anson!

Sophie’s Volley Ball

A day at the beach couldn’t be more fun! Player 1; use “B” and “Space”. Player 2; “Up Arrow” and “Down Arrow”.

Sophie wanted to make sure the environment felt just right when it came to her game. The fun colours mixed with the perfect beach setting make for a brilliant combination.

Amazing, Sophie!

Alex’s Maze

Play this game for a fun drive through a secret maze.

The car had to interact with many different objects in this game, and do different actions depending on the object being interacted with. With the use of some sensors, the problem was solved.

Nice work Alex!

Adam’s Race Game

Experience being a race car driver in this retro racing game!

Space to start game
Player 1: right arrow to move
Player 2: D to move

Excellent job Adam!

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